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Demigod PC Full-Rip

Demigod PC Full-Rip
Demigod l English l PC l Size 1.2GB

Publisher: Stardock

Developer: Gas Powered Games

Genre: Real-Time Strategy


ESRB Descriptors: Alcohol Reference, Blood, Fantasy Violence, Partial Nudity, Suggestive Themes

Demigod is an action role-playing/real-time strategy hybrid that is notable for both what it does--and what it doesn't do. It does offers an addictive, click-happy gameplay model that combines elements of two genres into an appealing, competition-focused package. As one of eight demigods, you join either the forces of light or the forces of darkness and exert your hammer-swinging, spellcasting prowess, all while streams of AI-controlled reinforcements rush at each other on predetermined paths. If you're familiar with the popular Warcraft III modification Defense of the Ancients, you'll have an idea of what to expect here, even if the details and nuances don't correlate perfectly. Demigod doesn't offer what you would expect from a full retail product. Without any story-based single-player campaign, the intriguing backstory and heaven-gone-haywire atmosphere go disappointingly unexplored. Worse yet, online connection issues may alienate the game's target audience of competitive tacticians. It's too bad, because Demigod is a good-looking, great-sounding game that has all the right ingredients; it just can't quite combine them into a complete meal.

System requirements:


Operating System :Vista /XP

Video Card : 128 MB

Ram : 512 MB

CPU : 2.4GHz or equivalent

Demigod PC Full-Rip

Demigod PC Full-Rip

Demigod PC Full-Rip

Demigod PC Full-Rip

Demigod PC Full-Rip

Demigod PC Full-Rip

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