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AA u PF hack

This Perfect hack will only work on Battle party, Union Battle party and Story mode. Run “Aau Perfect Hack.exe”, after that you can open Audition. Don’t forget to “Run as Admin” in Vista and Windows 7. Note that this hack will work on ALL OS except Windows 7 x86/32bit system. If you get outdated message then download the new one below.

Download Audition RB 10039 Perfect Hack NOW

american audition perfect hack 10039


F9: Perfect hack On
F10: Perfect hack Off
F8: Battle Party NPC Reset
Hold F3 while in UBP: Change Mode and chance (All chance have same score/You can’t change the song)
Hold F4 while in story: Change song/mode/map/TEAM (2on4)
Battle Party Reset
- Make sure you didn’t enter any BP room since you logged in.
- Go make a Normal room.
- Close the 1 bottom slot where the NPC is.
- You can change the song to any Random songs (Others won’t work. If you want your room not to be noticed that it’s hacked, pick any songs except random)
- Press F8.
- Press Single.
- Enjoy!
- You can pick NPCs after 1st battle, it’s normal that you can’t pick at first.
People who gets “Failed to inject DLL” or doesn’t want to use my injector:
- Download this file: http://www.mediafire.com/?rk7rekqi3pv2m3a
- Run the file, then Click [...] on Choose your DLL file.
- Pick Perfect Booster.dll.
- After that, on Choose your Process, type “Audition.exe” without the quotes.
- Note that this is CASE SENSITIVE.
- Pick “Find Process” then check “Auto Inject”
- Minimize the Injector and Open Audition.

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